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About Us

Our Profile

Genap India focuses on using plastic foils in total concepts for the storage and separation of water. Through continuous research and development, we are able to provide clients with high-quality solutions for the horticultural and agricultural sectors and also the domestic sector. The development of foil solutions for drinking water has been recently added and this forms a significant mainstay for the future. Clean water is a fast depleting resource. Cutting down on wastage and using every drop optimally is what we specialise in and offer to our clients.


Our Mission  
“We provide safe and effective storage of water for all purposes and also give our clients the option of rainwater harvesting as a source of water”
We strive to optimise
the proper storage and to utilise water, which is a fast depleting resource of Mother Earth. We aim to provide efficient rainwater harvesting technology and smart use of water – a method which is in tune with the ‘Smart City’ concept in India. Making water available in the most remote areas in the driest months is a challenge we wish to undertake.



On the basis of our mission: “To create waterproof solutions for all of our clients” our foil structure solutions have to be watertight and long-lasting. To achieve this, quality is an important core value within our organisation and is therefore embedded in all of our departments and business processes. 


Genap India is unique in that it is able to utilise its

own R&D, production and installation facilities. The

driving force behind our solutions is the daily focus on

creating sustainable, waterproof solutions – with passion and expertise. In addition, we are always aware of the effects that our operational processes can have on the environment and we aim to address these in a responsible manner. For us, Corporate Social Responsibility, therefore, means making integral sustainable choices.

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