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About Us

Genap India Water Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a branch of Genap BV, based in The Netherlands. We provide foil constructions and foil applications in garden and agriculture, rainwater harvesting and also safe storage of drinking water and better sanitation for developing countries.


From the design to the installation of the solution to the final inspection, everything is taken care of in-house by trained staff so we can guarantee the highest quality. 

Our water tanks are used to hold large quantities of water and utilize it for irrigation, sprinklers in gardens or poly-houses, household purposes and also for sanitation. The water is kept pure and clean as it is protected from the agents of nature through our technology, even at 14000 ft.


We are not rigid and can offer customized solutions as per the needs of our clients. In this way, we offer added value and customized services for our customers.

"With our Experience and Expertise of 65 years, Genap India is creating solutions that go hand in hand with India's growing awareness and implementation of smart solutions towards a better future"

“We Never Know the Worth of Water till the Well is Dry”

- Thomas Fuller, 1732.

Smart Water Solutions, Now in India
About Us
Our Solutions

Our Solutions

We can help with

Agriculture, Horticulture and Drinking Water


1. Water Silos

Water is stored in water silos. Our flexible production method at Genap India enables us to produce the most efficient solution for you in the form of a steel silo.

2. Water Reservoirs

Genap India supplies foil linings in a range of shapes and materials for water reservoirs. In addition, we make covers that are ready to fit any geometry.  The reservoirs are mainly measured using a satellite measuring system.

1.1 Steel panels

Genap supplies steel panels in two sizes - long panels and short panels. The steel quality remains the same for both

1.2 Liners

Genap has developed various types of watertight foil specifically for every imaginable application within the horticultural sector.

1.3 Tensioned Covers

Genap supplies anti-algae tensioned covers and floating covers for silos in order to prevent the growth of algae in stored water. 

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APSARA, 208 Ashutosh Mukherjee Road, College Para, P.O. Siliguri, D.T. Darjeeling, West Bengal - 734001, India.

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